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50% OFF marked clearance items in all seasons! September 2017

50% OFF Fall Clearance Event starts NOW!  


Jeans, colored pants, soft pants, athletic pants, yogas, tank tops, sweaters, dresses, shoes, boots, sandals, shorts, coats, long sleeves, purses, and more marked 50% off! Look for marked clearance throughout the store anywhere you see the red sizers and stamped items. 

Fresh Inventory EVERYDAY!

Have you seen the new LOOK?!  Freshly painted, bright, clean, and just plain gorgeous!  Fall is one of the most beautiful palettes of the year, and we are ready to inspire you!

We are always looking to BUY Pink from our customers, get cash on the spot for styles like these! 

Get Cash on the SPOT!

Check out our latest pop up shop!  It is filled with amazing cardigans, dresses, boots, flannels, purses, and bodysuits to make the most chic fall outfits! 

Come and visit our fun and friendly staff today!  We are THE place for teens and twenty somethings to feel comfortable and cozy while they shop for styles they love at huge discounts. :-)

Fresh INVENTORY every day!

BOOTS are in demand here.  We've got them in these great styles, AND we need more in these same styles!  

We have been buying and selling plus sizes for teens and young adults for over two years now!  Help our great selection get even better by selling today!  

Be in the know for discounts and events!

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This is it, the best rewards program around! ever been to starbucks or walgreen's? Well, our rewards system is very similar.  we will give a point for every dollar you spend.  You will here about our best discounts (vip style) and you will here about our biggest sales of the year (grab bag for example).  they even give you some points for signing up.  amazing!