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Current activities at Plato's Closet McKnight!

This year's athletic event is going to be extra special. We have stocked up on tons of PINK by V.S. items that we are holding back just for the event! We have tons of 50% off athletic wear being revealed this weekend as well! That's just on Saturday! Sunday will have even more surprises. Stay tuned at our Instagram feed for more details this weekend.

Keep checking back here for the latest specials during our winter clearance event!

MOST WANTED! We pay cash!

Coming soon at the big reveal for our Athletic Event 2018!

We are buying all seasons here, every day! Bring shorts, tanks, dresses, purses, shoes, necklaces, and ATHLETIC WEAR! We pay cash on the spot.

Only the HOTTEST styles are here for huge discounts!

We have the hottest brands around, American Eagle, Altar'd State, Aerie, Hollister, and many more. All in one place at around 70% off mall prices, ready for you to shop quickly and easily.  

Come and visit our fun and friendly staff today!  We are THE place for teens and twenty somethings to feel comfortable and cozy while they shop for styles they love at huge discounts. :-)

We buy boots, shoes, and booties everyday!

We have an amazing guys department fresh off the mall racks for around 70% off!  Plus there are over 3 full racks of 50% off clearance items for the guys as well!  

It's all about the everyday basics here at Plato's Closet McKnight! Live Simply!!

Be in the know for discounts and events!

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This is it, the best rewards program around! ever been to starbucks or walgreen's? Well, our rewards system is very similar.  we will give a point for every dollar you spend.  You will here about our best discounts (vip style) and you will here about our biggest sales of the year (grab bag for example).  they even give you some points for signing up.  amazing!