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Current activities at Plato's Closet McKnight!

We kicked off winter clearance early this year! Plato's Closet McKnight ONLY! 50% OFF (Marked) Girls' Long Sleeves, Light Coats, and Heavy coats! 

We kicked off winter clearance early this year! Plato's Closet McKnight ONLY! 50% OFF (Marked down over 600 short dresses, plus cardigans, heavy coats, and flannel shirts).

MOST WANTED! We pay cash!

ALERT: Now buying spring/summer items! PLUS, we will continue buying shredded denim, athletic wear, athletic shoes, sweaters, booties, heavy coats, flannels, cardigans, and hoodies.  We pay cash for teen styles every day!  

Plato’s Closet McKnight has a huge announcement! We are continuing to improve our store LOOK! Check out this gorgeous new floor! 

Only the HOTTEST styles are here for huge discounts!

Just a few more images to show you the variety in our huge 50% off clearance department! Girls' and guys' jeans, long sleeves, hoodies, coats, and shoes!

Sell your clothes today, make a purchase, and we will take 10% off when you trade! Every day deal here!

We have an amazing guys' department at Plato's McKnight! Brands like True Religion & PacSun!

Our guys' department is well stocked! While you are here, come sell us the t-shirts, shorts, and SHOES you are finished with or come change up your style with these awesome styles!  We buy guys' gear every day at Plato's Closet McKnight! 


We are obsessed with punk and skater styles!  80's, 90's, or up to the minute, we are all about these SICK brands! We have tons of PacSun, Vans, and Volcom! Our shoes are awesome, plus we pay cash on the spot for the shoes you are tired of from your collection. 

Be in the know for discounts and events!

To sign up for Five Stars rewards click here: FIVE STARS SIGN UP


This is it, the best rewards program around! ever been to starbucks or walgreen's? Well, our rewards system is very similar.  we will give a point for every dollar you spend.  You will here about our best discounts (vip style) and you will here about our biggest sales of the year (grab bag for example).  they even give you some points for signing up.  amazing!